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Is Your Business Affected By Covid19?

Why not take this opportunity to establish a remote entity that is safe and secure and perpetually available to your customers and new customers from all around the world? By putting your business up in the internet, you are opening lots of doors of opportunities. And by doing so, you and your team can easily work from the safety of your home while allowing the courier network help deliver your goods to your customers and supplies to your new base of operations. Using our BCP, you could rescale your business and reduce your fixed and operating costs significantly while increasing your revenue lines across the world. Of course when this Covid19 is over, you can return operations back to normal or create a new hybrid altogether! Talk to us and let us help you reform and expand your business further!

Ignite Your Passion With Impression

Jump start your passion into a full fledged business with limited liability! Take advantage of Singapore's business friendly incentives and initiatives to get ahead of your competitive curve. We help you get things started and ready to go with our branding support packages to make your best impression. Contact us now for a non-obligatory quote or for our specially crafted package solution that suite your start-up.

Free Giveaways!

Join our exclusive start-up community and get a chance to interact and share with like-minded people from around the world. We are giving away our own BOB Lightroom Presets to our members for FREE to help you enhance your personal photos for a 'pop'-like Instagram profile.

A big ‘Hello’ to you. Welcome to Beam of Brush. We’re so glad that you just dropped in and have given us the opportunity to connect with you through this digital space. Even if you’re just visiting or checking us out, read on the next few minutes to find out what we have installed for you.

Doesn’t matter if you are already running or managing a business, or are masterminding and stacking-up to set up a business with an impressive business plan and solid strategy already. It may be all in your head now but you may currently have too many things on hand to take care of at the moment. But at the the same time, you’re on fire for your business and you want to spread your passion through word of your business to the world. I totally feel you. Hence, you may be here because:

  • You need a helping hand in conceptualizing your vision into reality.
  • You want to delineate a cohesive brand identity through creative initiatives that will set you apart in your industry.
  • You want to communicate your business and goals to your target audiences in a unique “brand you” style.
  • You want a cost-effective marketing funnel and communication style that will spread your business across the globe with maximum effect.

Our Brand Packages

The Basic

A custom professional logo to get the business started.

The Starter

A custom package covering the basic branding needs for businesses that are ready to start their exciting journey.

The Professional

A custom package covering a full branding suite for a breeze business experience.

Our Services


We will custom design a modern, beautiful cohesive brand package according to your business needs that will set you apart in your industry. This package consists of creating a distinct brand identity for your business and is suitable for both new businesses or businesses that need a brand-makeover. 

Website Design

A website is the virtual-front of your business. It is simply more than just words and today, visual elements is the addiction of everybody. Together with you, we design the look and feel of your website with a stylish modern touch that will help you communicate your brand message easily with your target audiences.

Our Testimonials

My name is Calysta and I am the founder and creative director of Beam of Brush Creative Studio. Through my many years of business consulting experiences, I am here to help businesses and entrepreneurs create their dream brand and elevate their business through creative custom marketing funnels and networks.

A well-laid marketing plan and cohesive branding strategy will help you and your business stand out from your competitors, as well as gain brand awareness.

Currently based in Barcelona, I’m addicted to Tapas, the Mediterranean beaches, and the nostalgic European architecture.

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