Hi there!

I’m Calysta Hannah. 

Welcome to Beam of Brush, a creative studio specially cater to enthusiastic entrepreneurs and businesses. Whether you are just starting out or considering of rebranding your business, we are here for you.

Here at Beam of Brush, we design cohesive brand emphasis through creative initiatives for the new marketplace.

Beside being a team of energetic creative-preneurs, we are also a team of inno-preneurs who never fail to constantly innovate and navigate around the digital business and branding sphere, to study and equip ourselves with new knowledge to improve and our skills and works.

We are are passionate about your business and would love to be part of your exciting journey, joining you in sharing your vision with the world.

About Beam of Brush

The Inspiration…

The brilliant idea to name my studio Beam of Brush came one evening while I was at Turó de la Rovira, a hill overlooking Barcelona. The stunning view right in front of me was the beautiful city of Barcelona illuminated by its city lights. It was so attractive that it captured my full attention immediately.

That was when it sparked me. I want to create a “Light of the World” brand and design that captures not only attention instantly, but turning it into story that last continuously. After researching and trying with lots of words, Beam of Brush is born.

More About Me...

I am born in the garden city, Singapore where most days of my days are spent either in the office, working till late or going around the city hunting for delicious food. 

I was a Corporate Secretarial Manager for a business consulting company for many years, managing a portfolio of over 300 clients and a team of staffs. My jobs include setting up companies, both locally and offshore, ensuring legal compliance are met and drafting of corporate documents. Over the years, I became so familiar with my works and progress competently with the company. However, I felt no satisfaction in life for what I have achieved. I want a bigger challenge and to be location independent, pursuing my passion and doing what I truly love. So I bucked up my courage and say goodbye to cubicle-bound lifestyle, packed my life in a luggage and moved to Barcelona. Now, I travel between Barcelona and Singapore frequently.

My first business is specialised in company set-up and book-keeping. Now, I am expanding into branding where I know is a very important need for every businesses. This is what I always tell my clients: You can’t just set up a business and wait for people to come to know you. You, yourself need to get there to let the people know you!

During my free time, I love to stroll around my neighbourhood in Eixample, checking all the beautiful architectures, eating my favourite tapas or hanging out at the beach.

Enough of me for now, I would love to know more about you. Let’s connect. And if you happen to be in Barcelona or Singapore, let’s meet up. I love making new friends.