We have a wide range of customizable brand services specially tailored to meet your branding needs. If you’re searching the web for stylish vector logos, exquisite hand-drawn logos and or concepts of brand characters with modern day marketing collaterals, you are at the right place.

Our Brand Packages

Every brand needs to evolve with the current trends and times. Like great ideas, no great marketing plan or brand survives the first contact in markets. Brands need to be flexible to merge into market mentalities and cultures before evolving forward.

Our niche brand packages are tailored carefully to meet the branding needs of businesses with different budget levels and needs. It is affordable and highly flexible, allowing for room for further designs and brand evolution into the future. 

To keep things simple and affordable, we have tiered our best services into three distinct yet simple-to-understand packages. Depending on your needs, our packages start from basic logo designs to packages that include basic marketing collaterals. You can also choose to add on  à la-carte services on top of these packages to brighten your day further. 

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À La Carte Services

Our creative specialists come from various industries with experiences that cover a wide spectrum of services. We know this leaves our customers spoilt for choice! We have loads of creative services that can be added to enhance your branding experience, be it captivating designs for social media posts or even email marketing templates and advertising media.

Whether you are a one-person entrepreneur or even a full fledged business, there’s always something nice to add-on to further customize your own unique brand package experience. Just drop us a line for a non-obligatory chat and quote.

* Prices vary depending on the time, scope and complexity of the projects.

Retainer Services

Branding and marketing projects are always in for the long haul, and so are we. We have a specially tailored brand packages for long term collaboration, which are suitable for businesses that need continuous on-going branding and graphic design support.

Even turnaround businesses need a little make-over to rekindle its glory. We even have business consultant experts who can advise and design projects to reinvigorate its core. Don’t be shy, tell us why! Kindly drop us a line for a non-obligatory chat and quote.

* Prices vary depending on the time, scope and complexity of the projects.

All our prices, including package prices are quoted in the Singapore Dollars (SGD) and can be converted to your preferred currency upon request.

Prices quoted are for references only and actual prices vary depending on the complexity and time of projects.

Additional fees will be charged for additional revision work. Each additional revision work round start from $38 SGD.

A Seamless Process

It is super easy to kick start your branding journey with us. With a simple three step process, you’ll get your brand out there in both the physical and digital social media world in no time.

1. Understanding Your Vision & Goals

We need to communicate. Once we understand your vision and goals and planned your branding needs, we will send you an engagement contract and an invoice with a payment plan. All projects require a 50% non-refundable, non-proratable deposit upfront, and the remaining payment must be made upon completion of project and or before the final files are delivered or product launched.

Once we have received your deposit, we will put you on our creative collaborative work calendar and get the process started. We will dive into understanding your business fully, the inspiration for your business, understanding your target audiences and behaviours etc.

2. Conceptualize & Design Creation

Once we are one with the force, we will strategize and bring your brand to live in the following weeks starting from brand profile and logo management. Other brand elements and creatives will be incorporated together to fit into your niche brand style to achieve a cohesive bond and engagement with all of your target audiences.

All marketing collateral and print materials will be finalized after your perusal and approval.

3. The Completion Day

It’s time! We hand over to you your brand designs and its collateral media, together with a brand portfolio that gives you an overview of your brand style and et cetera details from fonts and colour palettes to texture and icons. This will help you maintain a consistent brand presence in the future along with dimensions for future growth.