Covid19 Business Continuity Package (BCP)

The Covid19 coronavirus has swept the world into lock downs and quarantine measures in desperate attempts to stem the spread of the pandemic virus. The fall-out of this epic situation is catastrophic on everyone especially individuals.

Bills still need to be paid but yet physical businesses need to close and hunker down on their remaining cash reserves hoping that this nightmare will pass over soon. Key staff are forced to stay home or remain under government lock downs and can severely affect business operations. Everyone is doing their part to survive and at best be socially responsible in times like this.
To help businesses adjust to this change in socio-economic landscape, we have designed a business continuity package to help businesses ride out the Covid19 situation and continue operations where permitted. It also allows individuals, freelancers or small businesses to re-structure their business operations and seek new revenues from overseas or offer contactless delivery services to their customers at the safety of their homes.
Whatever your business is, our Covid19 BCP Package gives you the opportunity to establish a remote entity that is safe and secure and perpetually available to your customers and new customers from all around the world. By putting your business up in the internet, you are opening lots of doors of opportunities. And by doing so, you and your team can easily work from the safety of your home while allowing the courier network help deliver your goods to your customers and supplies to your new base of operations. Using our BCP, you could rescale your business and reduce your fixed and operating costs significantly while increasing your revenue lines across the world. Of course, when this Covid19 is over, you can return operations back to normal or create a new hybrid altogether!
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Why Engage Our BCP?

Case Study 1:
A company that has directors who frequently fly overseas for business is now in a lock down state. The local staff cannot come to office and all data and devices are kept at the office premises. 
Using our BCP, the data can be moved to a secured cloud server. The devices can be rented and deployed at a moment’s notice. The documents can be printed using PDF and signature placards are placed to allow authorised persons to sign on those documents. These PDF files can be transferred between staff and management via the internet or cloud. Clients can log into the CRM portal to retrieve their documents or invoices. Suppliers can upload their invoices or documents in the SCM portal. 

Auditors and accountants can use the ERP portal to do the audit remotely. Key management staff who are under quarantine can still check on the operations through the BCP matrix. The company will also have a website to sell or list their products for new customers all over the world. 
Case Study 2:
A bakery had to close its shop for an unknown period due to Covid19. Average daily loss of income and constant expenses such as salaries, utilities, rent and other operational costs affect the owners. 
By using BCP, we can create a website and webapp for local customers to order breads and have them delivered to their doorsteps. Payments can be received directly through card or electronic transfers. 
Bakers can bake from home or from their shophouse and open only for delivery of orders through their webapp. The logistics partner (Uber or any courier) will pick up and deliver to the customers. Their staff can also work from home handling orders and logistics planning for delivery etc. They may even act as remote kitchens to help bake part of the orders.
Through website, the bakers can look forward to establishing new bases of operations outside of Italy. They can take this opportunity to start new businesses such as supplying special pre-mix flour and sell to other bakeries around the world. They can even trademark their special bread for perpetual royalty income. They can create remote kitchens (e.g. in Singapore) to bake and supply to hotels, cafes, resorts, customers or even supermarkets in Singapore or worldwide. The baked goods can be frozen and sent from the remote kitchens to their customers and they only need to microwave the bread to be ready to eat again. 
Business not only can continue but also expand for future needs.
Case Study 3:
A ramen shop has to close and retrench many staff due to lack of business. Due to the movement control order, no customer or staff can come to the shop.
Using BCP, they can continue their operations via the website and webapp. The main chef can operate via remote kitchens and delivery agents will help deliver the freshly cooked ramen to customers. The staff can work from home by managing order queues and logistic planning for deliveries. They can help take orders from calls or live chats.
The chef can also create microwavable goods that can be stored and delivered easily. Through this, they can even export their foods to overseas customers. Same as scenario 1, the ramen shop can expand its business revenue and locations overseas.
Case Study 4:
A fresh graduate cannot find employment since companies are not hiring or closing due to Covid19. She has a passion for arts and music and is very talented.
By using BCP, she can startup her own business online either by doing graphic design or mix graphic and music services to curate special themed background music for online advertisements. She can work from home and collaborate with people from all over the world.

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